It’s a small ‘Under Construction’ sign as I’m halfway done!

Where Book 1 is now finished bar some last editing and tweaking, Book 2 is currently about…

50% complete.

It’s currently standing at around 74,000 words in it’s raw first draft form. The plan is to get it finished (to an estimated 160,000 words) and then edit it down to around the same size as Book 1.

Blood to Earth‘ is a reference to something that happens in Book 1 (no spoilers at the mo, but I may put some up when I get Book 1 published! By that time that story will be out there so everyone and anyone can buy it/read it!)

I’m excited for this book. Where Book 1 introduces the world and the characters, this book starts to explore the the links between them, bringing them together and tying up some of the threads started in ‘Hunters‘.

The plan is that after Book 3, the main plot is in full effect and you know all the players. From there it will be a roller coaster ride to the finish line, and will hopefully take you (the readers) to places you NEVER expected it to go.

The end (of Book 7, which I’ve already written) will hopefully blow your mind and set up a VERY new and DIFFERENT narrative for if I decide to move these characters forwards.

Which I REALLY want to.

For now though, I’m sorry but this page will remain under construction for a while.