I am inspired by all kinds of things. Sometimes I get something stuck in my head and it triggers a flow of ideas. It might be another writers work that sparks an idea for my stories, or it might be a piece of music… but often it’s art.

Art is something I’ve long dabbled in, but frankly…I’m crap at it. Recently I bought a small, cheap digital tablet so I could have a crack at doing digital art. Mostly so I could put some concept pictures up on this very website. It’s been a fun ride, but I have to HUGELY thank the people listed below for their help and support.

When I get published and make my millions… these are the people who will find their commission queues filling up!  I suggest you try and get there before I do!



Her paintings are STUNNING! Simply Gorgeous.
And if that was all she had going for her, then that would be plenty… but she’s also one of the kindest, funniest, most supportive and positive people you will EVER meet. I bought the piece above and it hangs proudly on my wall. (If you read my books when they come out, you’ll understand why!)

You will find SO MUCH AWESOMENESS there! Go find her on Twitter, and when you’ve done that go find her Patreon and Twitch too. (Twitch especially… her Twitch streams are things of pure joy! Watch long enough and the googly eyes usually make an appearance!)

by Sylessae
‘Rajni’ by Sylessae



by Cassydraws
by cassydraws

Sometimes Twitter throws something at you that makes you do a serious double-take.

Meet Cassy.

And yes… this is her art. She does the most incredible animal art that looks basically almost photo realistic. 

Every time a new piece goes up it BLOWS my mind. Her color art, her black and white art… WOW! Every piece is a masterwork the likes of which I have rarely seen!

And not only is she talented… but she’s also a lovely person too!  

Check out her website on the link above for more of her amazing art!

* * * U P D A T E * * *
So we’ve just had Christmas, and Wifey surprised me with the most amazing gift. Honestly folks… if you’re impressed by Cassy’s work above, then you REALLY NEED to check out this link (for as long as it’s up!) and see those Mad Skillz in action…

So if you checked out the update above you’ll have seen the work in progress…
…well now we have the final finished MASTERPIECE!!!

This is Cassy’s painting of our Furbaby Vixen. It’s amazing!

Honestly I can’t recommend her work enough. Thanks Cassy! xxx


www.inprnt.com/gallery/tarapokora1/ www.redbubble.com/people/balefyren

I’m proud to say that I’ve been personal friends with Balefyren for a number of years now, (we met through my wife!) and her art has NEVER failed to astonish me.

What’s more every piece she creates and posts seems to just get better and better. A number of her paintings have been a direct inspiration to my writing, including this one to the right.

I LOVE her work. So PLEASE go and support her on Twitter and go buy her stuff from the websites above!

She also streams her art on Twitch, so go give her a look see on there. Tell her Jon sent you!

Leviathan by Balefyren



Ahhhh Lemon. Her streams on Twitch are wonderful. Not JUST because of her art, but because often she’ll stop to answer your questions about how to do things. For a learner artist (like me!) that is just invaluable. She NEVER makes you feel like it’s a chore to her, she just joyfully throws herself into it.

Want to learn how to draw noses? Lemon will show you! Want to learn how to do lineart? Lemon will show you lineart.

by Lemon


Veparion is a pretty new artist learning her craft and she is making STRIDES! In the short time I’ve been following her on Twitter she’s come on in leaps and bounds. Not only that she’s one of the sweetest nicest people you’ll ever meet. Always excited to take on a project and super enthusiastic about art.

The world needs more Veparion’s in it! Find her on Twitter at @Veparion

I think she’s just started a Patreon account too, so go take a look and give her your support!

Zelda by Verarion


Zee is another wonderful artist who is not only extremely talented, but also a lovely human being. Her Twitch streams are a lot of fun and not only does she make great art, but also sometimes hosts live game streaming. Everything you need to know about her you can find below!

Wilson Illustrations


Lana Fordham

Admittedly I don’t know Tyler Wilson well. We found him at a convention and loved his art style so much we commissioned him. His art became a huge inspiration for Songbird.
Please check out his stuff on Facebook.

Gayle Knightley

Kat Essen


Kat provided my excellent piccy of Gayle (look right!) and was kind enough to be a kind of Beta-Reader for Songbird. 

I love her art style (and will be back for more!) and her feedback on my book has been utterly invaluable.  

Give her a follow on Twitter and go check out her Etsy shop!