Currently there are 7 books planned in the ‘Songbird‘ saga.

This may change over time (I’ve toyed with an 8th!) but for now that’s where it stands. It’s all plotted out in a huge spreadsheet. All the major arcs, all the character journey’s, all the twists and turns. In fact I’ve already written key points along the journey… including the ending.

Songbird‘ is a multi-character saga, and follows the stories of a multitude of characters. You can meet them in the Character section on this website. I promise… **No Spoilers** Or at least nothing you’ll not learn within the first chapters of the book. Their arcs will be kept under wraps for now.

There are place holders on this site for each book. The plan will be to update them as I get more info about them. At the moment all you’ll find is their provisional titles. If I get to see them published then I’ll put up release dates. And once they are published, I’ll put synopsis’s up there. But for now… **No Spoilers**

You can access the Books from the links below, or click on the drop down in the menu at the top of the page.

Book 1 – ‘Hunters

Book 2 – ‘Blood to Earth – coming soon

Book 3 – ‘Tooth & Claw’ – coming later

Book 4 – ‘Dragon Song – coming later than book 3

Book 5 – ‘The DragonMasters – might have to wait a while

Book 6 – ‘The River– I promise I WILL get to this one

Book 7 – ‘The Broken Circle – At the rate I write, probably around 2025!