Okay, so this is a list of the AMAZING people who have helped me out over the past few years in simply getting Songbird to this point. Some of the people on here have been in from the jump. Some are more recent friends who have helped me. Some are people I’ve met recently who’ve become beta-readers for me. You won’t know who these people are, but they’ll know. And if they’re here looking, I just want them to know that they are appreciated!

Without further ado…

Jess Ford (My Wife)

Has to start with my wonderful, beautiful wife. She has supported me since DAY 1 in this dream. She read through the draft and edits and helped me straighten the story out. She was instrumental in setting up this website for me when my expertise failed. 
Love you Wifey!  Thanks for believing in me when I sometimes didn’t believe in myself.

Matt Ford

My younger brother and someone I look up to and love. Maybe I don’t say it enough directly to his face, but he’s always been an inspiration. He’s reading the current edit of Hunters right now, and I’m nervous about what he thinks!  But I know that he’ll always have my back no matter what.  We’re brothers. Always.
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Chell was a re-connection from when I was but a teen. It was so good catching up again and since then we’ve been really good friends. She was one of the first to read through ‘Hunters’ and give her feedback. I’ve appreciated her feedback no end and her error corrections.  She’s now starting work on her own writing, and I couldn’t be prouder!

Sarah L

Outside of Wifey and Chell, Sarah is the only other person to read Songbird Bk1 – Hunters in it’s entirety. I was worried as I wasn’t sure what her tastes were book-wise. However, she read it, said she enjoyed it, and gave me amazing feedback. A writer needs feedback, and I couldn’t be happier with what Sarah did for me!  THANKS SARAH!

Emma M

She’s been a hugely supportive friend and is a font of useful advice. As I’ve been building this website, Emma has been following behind me checking that things work and telling me when they don’t. And in addition to also being another of my beta-readers, she’s also a damn good photographer!
Find her on Twitter @EmmaMeekPhoto

Andrew M

Andy is an old chum from the City of Heroes days, and volunteered to be a beta-reader for ‘Hunters’. Not sure what he’s let himself in for, but he’s thrown himself into it with reckless abandon. His feedback has been ongoing and enthusiastic and I’m massively grateful for his input.