Alex Anderson is a hero in New Chicago. He is currently affiliated with the Echelon SuperGroup, but has  good relations and close ties to the Femme Fatales as his best friend, Samantha Jayne (Kasai) is a founding member.

He operates under the codename: ROGUE

Born in Texas, USA, Alex was was a prominent basketball player with the old Chicago Bulls NBA team. He was in the city when the Kriitani incursion began. Though he had energy manipulating and projection powers due to his M-Gene, he had never used these in a ‘hero’ capacity prior to the invasion. Indeed, he kept knowledge of these abilities secret, only acknowledging them to a small circle. He was one of the first heroes on the scene in Chicago, and his abilities were instrumental in allowing the victory of the heroes in the final hours of the battle.

Alex had previously kept his private life out of the public eye, but it was know he was married to his High School sweetheart, Nicole Swanson. *REDACTED*



His original powerset (pre M-Gene mutation) gave him the ability to generate large amounts of bio-energy internally and release them as energy projections, or blasts. These blasts are generally harmless to structures, but can be devastating to biological entities. He can use built up energy not only as anything from small and medium blasts, but can also store energy for a huge local area of effect attack he calls ‘Energy Nova’. Rogue can also charge his fists with energy and use them to punch opponents with concussive force. Note: As mentioned, Rogue’s energy blasts are less effective against strutures, vehicles, or robotic enemies unless he ‘over-charges’ the blasts. Overcharging drains his endurance levels, meaning he cannot sustain that kind of attack level for very long.

His M-Gene mutation exponentially increased his energy generation ability. It also allows him to modulate the output of his energy waves directionally, which provides flight ability.

While Rogue lacks any form of defensive power, he is a highly trained athlete and has advanced agility skills from his time playing sport. While he cannot absorb a great amount of physical punishment, he is adept at avoiding being hit.

Note: Energy weapons are practically useless against him. His abilities give him the capacity to absorb any energy fired at him.