Hey, BETAPosse!

You guys are seeing this page because you are the chosen few. The ELITE! The BEST of the BEST!

Right, before we go any further, let me just say…


This is a hidden page on the website that only you can see.

Because, YOU are the lucky ones that are getting early access to ‘BLOOD TO EARTH‘ – or B2E as we’ll abbreviate it to – the second book in ‘The Ballad of the Songbird‘ Saga.

Here’s where we are so far, just to prepare yourself for what you’re getting yourself into.
Blood to Earth is currently in its final edit phase.  What does this mean?  Well, I’ll tell you.

  • The first draft of B2E was finished back in April and went to my editor Nikki for a first pass.
  • After that, it came back to me to have some story points and general flow issues sorted out.
  • Then it had a second run-through to start correcting the grammar.
  • For the last month or so, I’ve been doing my edit on it, before it goes back to Nikki for its final edit.

What this means is that you’re getting a close to final version. So this is the ideal time for me to let you read it and see if there’s anything blindingly obvious that needs correction in the final edit before we go to publish.

There’s a couple of things to note about B2E.

Firstly, the book has the usual adult content. So expect Gayle to still love the profanity just like she did in the Hunters.
Secondly, this book has two sex scenes in it. They’re key to the plot and not simply gratuitous. I’ve tried to keep them kind of classy, but they are more than just suggestive. Just wanted to give you a heads-up!
Thirdly, I introduce a couple of new characters in this book, and one of them could be considered ‘sensitive’. I won’t spoil anything, but you’ll know it when you read it. Feedback on how this is handled would be VERY welcome.

And that’s about it.  B2E picks up right after Hunters finishes – more or less – and will very much deal with the fall out of the bombing. So I hope you remember what happened at the end and are ready to dive back into the Songbird world once more.

“So, why do I have to bookmark this page?” I hear you cry.

Well, that’s because as part of the Beta Reading process, I’d really appreciate any feedback you’ve got.
There are TWO links below:

  • The first is the standard feedback form which I’d like you to fill in when you’re finished. The more information you can put on it, the better it helps me.
  • The second is an error-logging form, where if you feel so inclined you can let me know of any mistakes you find in the book. I’m really looking for obvious stuff I might overlook.  Things that spellchecker etc may not pick up. An example of this was in Hunters, where in one chapter I’d accidentally called Sebastian StormHall, Sebastian StornHall.
    You don’t HAVE to do this one, but as I’d love the end product to be as polished as I can make it, any help you want to lend would be gratefully accepted. Note: You will need to submit the form once for each error you find. And bear in mind we’re still doing final edit, so no need to go nuts. But it all helps.

Okay, so here are the forms:

The Blood to Earth Beta-Readers – FEEDBACK FORM

The Blood to Earth Beta-Readers – ERROR LOGGING FORM

As I’ve been writing and editing B2E, I’ve really become to love it. I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it.

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