“Thirty years ago, the United Kingdom has a population of sixty-six million people. Between The Rising and The Purge it is now less than a quarter of that. London itself used to be home to nine million, now it’s less than one.”

Gayle walked slowly down the aisle between the desks toward the back of the room.

“That’s just the UK In America the death toll was significantly higher. Africa, South America, the Middle East… the attacks were brutal, the cost in life high. Whole countries were wiped out in days. Russia went dark twenty-eight years ago and hasn’t been heard from since.

You want some more big numbers? The human population of the world right now, is somewhere around one billion people. Sounds like a lot? Well before The Rising that number was almost seven and a half billion. Look at your class mates…”

The cadets all looked at each other in mutual confusion.

“Twelve of you in this class, so by my math… at least ten of you would be dead now.”

The world was now having to pick up the pieces after The Rising.

The Fae had established a peace, but the world was not a stable place.

The Vampyrii refused to return the United States back to the Americans. Holding it and renaming it ‘New Victus‘. Canada remained under Werewolf control, becoming ‘Pack Nation‘. The evacuated North Americans gathered in Hawaii and Alaska, the only two significant states left under their control. The remnants of their Military formed the North American Alliance (NAA), and started planning the liberation of their country. 

New Victus
Pack Nation

Meanwhile around the world;

Africa was overrun, a lost continent now ruled by monsters. Adze, Obayifo, Asanbosam, Sasabonsam, Tikoloshe… so many creatures. Human kind her now all but extinct.

Zûguó – the Republic of China – was still cut off from the world. The Empire of Japan likewise kept to themselves. Almost nothing is now known about how they pursue their internal affairs, but the AustralAsian Navy has has witnessed numerous skirmishes between the two nations.

The Middle East is now a no-go area – much like Africa – ruled by people who have powers and refer to themselves as New Gods. They call it Balad Alaliha – ‘Country of the Gods’.

In South America, the Drug Cartels took advantage of the confusion to seize control over large portions of the continent. Much of the rest of the continent formed a coalition group called the ICSA (Independent Countries of Southern America)

Over in Europe, the Ice Giants and the Trolls forged and alliance with Humankind in the new nation of NordScania. They fiercely guarded the new mountain range to the east, that cut the countries of the Federated States of Europa off from the missing Russia.

The United Kingdom walled itself off, a huge coastal wall built around the island nation. Colloquially called ‘Fortress UK‘ it became the defacto base of operations for what became known and the HFAHuman Fae Alliance.

The last of the fighting between the Humans, the Vampyrii and Werewolf happened in Iceland. It was a strategic stepping stone to Europe and none of the three factions wanted to cede their control. So Iceland got split into three sectors, and where they joined a new city was built. 

Nexus City

This was where the world would be put to rights. It became a mixing pot of all the worlds new factions. Where treaties were negotiated. The worlds last best hope for lasting peace.

The Fae, meanwhile, now walked among us. While they had been instrumental in stopping the fighting, they needed soldiers to help keep the peace. To keep the monsters at bay.

Fortunately they had provided a solution to the problem.

For all their power, Fae were also very promiscuous. It wasn’t unusual for them to have affairs with Humans and sire children. These hybrid children could harness some of the powers of the Fae. When they got old enough they were trained and put into service as soldiers. Their job was to be deployed to trouble spots around the world where the monsters of myth, now exposed as real, threatened the well being of UFE citizens.