Welcome to our imprint label.

Okay, so here’s the thing. I have close ties to the one and only NT Anderson. Since we became friends, we’ve worked closely in helping each other with our debut releases. Where she scratches my back by helping me with my frankly awful grammar, I help her with formatting and story development. The journey to getting both our first books published has been a whole lot more enjoyable as we’ve shared the process.

We wanted our books to be and look the best they possibly could. It was important to us to get this right. We wanted out books, while being indie published, to have the presentation of a traditionally published book to the best of our ability.

So we came up with a simple concept. A logo and an imprint name to release our books under.

Tepris Press became that label and, all being well, all our books going forward will be released in this label.

So, without further ado…here are the books of Tepris Press.

by  Jon Ford

Welcome to the new world…

Those left on Earth survived the Rising. They survived the War.
Humanity – pushed to the point of extinction – is forced to accept that monsters no longer dwell in the murky shadows of myth and legend. They are frighteningly real. An uneasy peace has settled across the globe on the cusp of an international Summit intended to gather the surviving Human factions with the new nations of Vampyrii, Werewolf, Troll, Ice Giant, and Fae. Their leaders, their delegates, their decision-makers. A conference where the honorable strive to make the world a better place, and where corrupt politicians pursue their own selfish agendas. Alliances are formed…coups are plotted.
In Werewolf-held Canada, a girl is taken. A rescue mission ensues. In Europe, a grieving hybrid soldier in search of answers returns to London to face the ghosts of her past. In Vampyrii-occupied America, one of their race seeks to restore a small part of the world to its former self. But trouble is brewing beneath the surface as society teeters on the precipice of calamity. Mysterious forces work to threaten this new way of life.
Threaten to reveal who are the hunted…and who are the Hunters.

Welcome to the new age…

Content Details…

  • Adult Content (Profanity, mild horror, sexual references)
  • Approx 530 pages

Available in the following formats…

  • eBook
  • Paperback
  • Hardback

by  NT Anderson

Book 1 of ‘Acts of‘ series.  Acts of Closure

Have you ever wondered…what if?

Natalie has been waiting twenty years for this moment. Standing on Jack’s doorstep, she is about to come face-to-face with a man she’s never met. Someone who charmed her from a distance, without even knowing it. The stories from a mutual friend lit the spark. An anonymous internet fling in the early days of social media kindled the fire. Shared intimacies and secret desires fanned the flames. But that was years ago, and their lives moved on…Jack’s dream of conquering Hollywood becomes a reality. Staying cloistered away in his own world, he finds success behind the scenes. Natalie opts for family and a career. Everything working out as it should…until her husband makes a change that throws her life off balance. Now she’s wondering ‘What if?’…and she’s about to find out.In a bold, calculated move, fixed on discovering if Jack is still harboring the pain of his past, Natalie travels to the Northeast in search of the answer. Compelled to finally meet the man who has been invading her dreams, she needs to know where the path she didn’t follow may have led. One way or another, she needs closure.

Released on: 5 February 2021 – OUT NOW!

Content Details…

  • Adult Content
  • Approx 300 pages

Available in the following formats…

  • eBook (Click BELOW to buy!)
  • Paperback (Click BELOW to buy!)