Michael Reynolds
Callsign: ‘Rogue

Casting: Taylor Kitsch

When I wrote the character of Michael, there were a number of things I needed him to be.

The most important thing that drove his development was the fact that, as he’ll be working with Gayle in the book, he needed to provide a counterpoint to her personality.

Where Gayle is brash, sassy and a little (okay more than a little) crude, Michael needed to be cool, calm, and stoic. Where Gayle is the brash Brit, Michael is the Texan gentleman. 

It was the Texan part which gave me my inspiration as to who I see when I write the part. 

Now, I have a confession… I LOVE alien invasion movies. Yes.. that includes ‘Battleship‘. I also think ‘John Carter’ is an underrated movie, which I also LOVE. These views are controversial, I know, but one that is less dividing is that ‘Friday Night Lights’ is an awesome show!  (One of my favourite shows EVER!). 

And one of the most captivating performances in the show for me was the character of Tim Riggins, as played by Taylor Kitsch

He was the Texas kid with the heart of gold. A laid back presence, who was fiercely loyal to his friends. These are traits I wanted in Michael, so he was my choice. 

So, that’s what it’s in my head, but what about my Beta Readers?  What did they suggest for the casting of Michael Reynolds?

Nathan Fillion
was Wifey’s choice
Bradley Cooper
was Nikki’s choice.
Michael B Jordan
was Chell’s choice.

Quick comment: I very, very, very almost put Nathan Fillion in this role myself. Mostly because I love Nathan Fillion. (Indeed the name of the character should give you a huge clue as to one of my favorite TV Show characters of all time!). Trust me, I WILL find a way to cast him in Songbird!