Gayle Knightley portrait by Zeiyth

Unit: 137th Hunters

Rank:  Captain

Service Number: 17919052

Field Status: INACTIVE

Current Position:  Teacher – HFA Academy

Specialist Subject:  Strategy  Tactics

Nationality:  English

Age:  28 (born 25th September 2017)

Height:  5′ 9″

Weight:  144 lbs

Official Testimony:

“Knightley is calm under pressure, adaptable to fluid situations. She is a charismatic leader who has the trust and faith of her team. She is the key to unlocking the potential of the 137th. Without her, the Hunters would not be the elite combat unit they are.”
– General Norbel, HFA


“Captain Knightley is a maverick. Frequently taking missions off-book to her own whims. Her team is undisciplined and frankly unprofessional. They skate by purely on luck and raw talent.”
– Admiral Matthews, UFE Navy


  • Injuries sustained during the failed Malta Operation: Dislocated and broken patella, compound fracture of the fibula, broken fibula and a torn ACL. Severe slash wound from left ear to throat. 
  • Currently undergoing psychiatric treatment for PTSD.
  • Possible addiction issues. Needs close observation.
Captain Gayle Knightley (wearing MkVII CombatSkin) by Flashtoo