Welcome to the To-Be-Read list.
Like a lot of writers, I’m a compulsive book buyer and reader.  I can’t help it!
It’s unheard of to see a payday scoot by without me buying a cart load of books off Amazon or eBay. People ask me what I want for Birthdays or Christmas, I ask for books. I’m also married to a woman who’s a much of a bookophile as me.
The upshot of all this is that there are A LOT of books in this house that I need to read.
And I will.

Might just take a little time.

Anyhow, for your viewing pleasure, here’s the extent of the list as it is thus far.
By the way, the books are in no particular order, so don’t read anything into their position on this page. 

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When I’m reading a book from the list it’ll move into the CURRENTLY READING section below.
For the INDIE BOOKS ONLY, when I’m done I’ll try and review some of them and move them to my LINKS/REVIEW page

ALSO – Stay tuned to my BLOG POSTS for some DEEP DIVE looks into the Indie Books I’ve read with the Authors that wrote them.
The first one I did was with the wonderful – HALO SCOT. Read our deep dive into her book ‘Edge of the Rift’ here!
The next was with – EMMY R BENNETT. Read our deep dive into her book ‘Eyes of Wynter’ here!

What happens when we die?

Why are dead people scared?

Who would take the Grim Reaper’s head?

Welcome to Gloomwood, the city of the dead and the Grim Reaper’s personal slice of the afterlife. In a city where the rules of the living don’t apply, Detective Blunt’s drowning in trouble and he’s never been much of a swimmer.

With the aid of a reality challenged scientist, a bumbling bureaucrat, and a self-titled ‘reporter extraordinaire’, he’s on a case where everyone’s already kicked the bucket.

Dead gods, forgotten dreams, broken promises, lost hopes – They all end up in this city, and any of them could have a reason for exacting revenge.

Can Blunt uncover the villain decapitating the city’s elite before the afterlife implodes?

Feel like laughing in the face of Death?
We better find his head…

You’ll love this afterlife adventure because we all want to know what comes after death… if anything at all.