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It’s been a long time coming, but welcome to my website!

So, I hear you cry, what’s this website all about?

Well, I had a mini mission statement. I didn’t want this to only be a static contact page with a few never-changing details. I also didn’t want it to become just a blog site.

What I wanted was a living, breathing site that had lots of regular content of differing types. With that in mind, here’s what you’ll find…

The Ballad of the Songbird is the series of books I’m writing.
In the menu at the top of the site you’ll find:

Links to all 7 of the proposed books.
These are pages that will populate over time, as I write them, but if you’re very lucky there might be a few little teaser snippets on the pages from time to time.

Character Profiles of the Main Characters, and the Supplemental Characters.
I’ve been careful NOT to give SPOILERS in this section!

Background information on the World of Songbird.
Again, no spoilers here. Just info that you can pick up early in the book but has no bearing on the plot.

The 137th Hunters Mission Logs
Short prequel stories from the Songbird universe – Coming Soon™

This is where it all started. These were original fan fiction stories I wrote for the MMORPG City of Heroes.
So, if you go to that section of the website you’ll find:

Links to chapters for the Femme Fatale books.
I plan to do a rough and dirty edit on these and put them up for everyone to read.

Art commissions
I’ve had done through the years for my old CoH characters.

Character profiles for some of the characters.
You’ll see some familiar faces from the Songbird saga… though a little different!

I have friends who do things that may be of interest to you…

Web Links to friends’ websites and businesses.

And go here for Artists I’ve met, including examples of their work.

Plusanything else I can think of to throw at you on a regular (or semi-regular) basis. This is my little corner of the internet!

So, please enjoy the site, and if there’s anything you want to ask…hit me up on the Contact Me page.

Love & Books

The image in the header was a commission piece of Lana and Gayle done by FANTASTIC – Tyler Edward Wilson. You should be able to find his stunning work at Wilson Illustrations
The full version of the header can be seen on the Artists (click here) page.