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7th April 2022 – New BLOGPOST!

A little while back, I did a couple of blog posts about the chapter names in HUNTERS and how they were named for the song titles that had kind of inspired my mood during the writing. 

Blood to Earth has the same kind of conceit. So here’s my guide through some of the chapter titles from that book, and the songs that influenced my mood.  😀

As I forgot to update this last time, this time you get a Two-For-One!

12th March 2022 – New Femme Fatale Post!
FEMME FATALES NEWS – PART 3 – Heroes Assemble.

Let’s take a look at the characters in the book. Where did they start out? And who are they now?

20th February 2022 – New Femme Fatale Post!
FEMME FATALES NEWS – PART 2 – Location, Location.

Part 1 talked about the inspiration for the book. Part 2 talks about why I set the book in Chicago.

16th January 2022 – NEW Indie Deep Dive
Anna Mocikat’s ‘Behind Blue Eyes’

Anna is a well established author with quite a following due to her amazing books. She writes predominantly in the Cyberpunk Noir and LitRPG genres and her stories play our like action movies. Behind Blue Eyes is the story of cyborg Guardian Angel, Nephilim, and her struggles to break free from an Orwellian society that monitors her every move. It’s a wonderful book, and I was fortunate enough to get a few minutes of her time to do a deep dive on it. Enjoy!!

13th February 2022 – New Blog Post!

So, this isn’t meant to be a list of the top 4 movies or all time, it’s more the 4 movies that I return to time and time again. I’ve logged more hours watching this quartet of movies than I want to think about.  LOL
So, have a read, watch some vids, and see why I love these particular movies above all else.

By the way… I’m going to make a little series of this. I’ll probably do the Mount Rushmore of TV next. Stay tuned!

The Ballad of the Songbird is the series of books I’m writing. Book 1 – ‘HUNTERS‘ is OUT NOW! Click the link about to find:
Details on all 7 of the books in the saga.
Character Profiles of the Main Characters, and the Supplemental Characters.
Background information on the World of Songbird.

It’s only a single page at the moment, but it kind of gives you my mission statement for my brand new project. A series of books that takes the SPIRIT of the old MMORPG ‘City of Heroes’ and attempts to spin the fan-fiction I once wrote for my characters into a whole new universe of my creation. 
What’s more, it’s become very much a COMMUNITY kind of project, with a load of people all coming on board and giving me permission to cameo their characters. Everyone is VERY excited. 
More information will be populated as I get it!

Other than that, you can find all the information on the OLD stories I wrote. In them, you’ll see some familiar faces from the Songbird saga… though a little different!
**Note: PLEASE bear in mind these are old and in unedited shape! They are what they are!
These were original fan fiction stories I wrote for the MMORPG City of Heroes.
Click the link to find:
Links to chapters for the Femme Fatale books**
Art commissions
Character profiles for some of the characters.

**Note: If you do read them, then PLEASE bear in mind these are old and in unedited shape! They are what they are!

Web Links to friends’ websites and businesses.
Artists I’ve met, including examples of their work.
Plusanything else I can think of to throw at you on a regular (or semi-regular) basis. This is my little corner of the internet!

So, please enjoy the site, and if there’s anything you want to ask…hit me up on the Contact Me page.

Love & Books

The ‘HUNTERS‘, ‘BLOOD TO EARTH’, and ‘TOOTH & CLAW’ book covers were painted by the hugely talented Marlena Mozgawa. You can also find links to her work on my Artists page.

The picture of me in a cowboy hat in Arizona while travelling Route 66 was taken by very untalented photographer…me!