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17th April 2021 – New FEATURE!!!

I have a brand new feature for you this week. I LOVE talking about my book, almost more than anything. And I’ve found that other authors tend to be of the same mindset. Why not exploit this untapped resource of content?
So this week, I have a deep dive into Halo Scot’s horrifyingly beautiful book Edge of the Breach. Enjoy!

27th February 2021 – New INTERVIEW!

2020/21 has marked a significant turn around in my reading habits. I’ve bought FAR more Indie published books that traditionally published ones. Espwcially ones written by people I’ve got to know in the Twitter #WritingCommunity. It feels good supporting my peers, plus there’s sooooo much to learn from the books and having direct access to the amazing people that wrote them.

30th March 2021 – New INTERVIEW!

Interview With A Podcast – The Tiny Book Case
I had the absolute joy of being interviewed by the guys over at The Tiny Book Case. Ben and Nico do a rather unique podcast where they give their guests a prompt to write a short story, which we then discuss on air. It’s a fun listen.
To commemorate my time on the show, I decided to turn the tables a little.

To hear my interview with The Tiny Book Case… click here:

26th March 2021 – New INTERVIEW!

Interview with an Author: Anna Mocikat

Anna released her latest book this past week. Behind Blue Eyes: Fallen Angels is the awesome follow up to the equally wonderful Behind Blue Eyes. This interview dips into that first book. Stay tuned for a follow up interview with Anna where we will dip into her new book.  We’re just giving people time to read it. 🙂

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The Ballad of the Songbird is the series of books I’m writing. Book 1 – ‘HUNTERS‘ is OUT NOW! Click the link about to find:
Details on all 7 of the books in the saga.
Character Profiles of the Main Characters, and the Supplemental Characters.
Background information on the World of Songbird.

This is where it all started. You’ll see some familiar faces from the Songbird saga… though a little different! These were original fan fiction stories I wrote for the MMORPG City of Heroes.
Click the link to find:
Links to chapters for the Femme Fatale books**
Art commissions
Character profiles for some of the characters.

**Note: If you do read them, then PLEASE bear in mind these are old and in unedited shape! They are what they are!

Web Links to friends’ websites and businesses.
Artists I’ve met, including examples of their work.
Plusanything else I can think of to throw at you on a regular (or semi-regular) basis. This is my little corner of the internet!

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Love & Books

The image in the header was a commission piece of Lana and Gayle done by Tyler Edward Wilson.
Links to his work can be found on the Artists (click here) page.

The ‘HUNTERS‘ book cover, was painted by the hugely talented Marlena Mozgawa. You can also find links to her work on my Artists page.

The picture of me in a cowboy hat in Arizona while travelling Route 66 was taken by very untalented photographer…me!