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26th February 2023 – New Review Post – Sort of!

I’m a little biased on this one because I have a story included. But hop on over to see what all the fuss is about. I had a fun time with this one and am honored to be included with some of the Indie Author community royalty!

Merry Christmas!

1st December (and updated daily!)

Jon’s Indie Advent

Every day through December I’ll be choosing one of my favorite Indie Books and linking to its sale page and a review. Please consider buying Indie this Christmas!

Jinx from Arcane - Blog post review of Arcane

22nd June 2022 – New Review/Deep Dive Post!
ARCANE – League of Legends – Season 1

Come on in and I’ll explain why this animated show on Netflix is the masterpiece you ALL should watch not once…but TWICE!

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10th June 2022 – New Blog Post
Why? Toxic Culture in Sci Fi!

Why on Earth is one of the most forward-thinking genres in film, TV, and literature being subjected to such a toxic culture backlash?
It makes no sense to me! Read my thoughts…

The Ballad of the Songbird is the series of books I’m writing. Book 1 – ‘HUNTERS‘ and Book 2 – ‘BLOOD TO EARTH’ are OUT NOW! Click the links to find:
Details on all 7 of the books in the saga.
Character Profiles of the Main Characters, and the Supplemental Characters.
Background information on the World of Songbird.

Banner advertising book 3 of my Songbird Saga, TOOTH & CLAW, coming in 2023

THE FEMME FATALES – New and Classic!

New AND Classic?  What’s all that about?
Well, I’ll tell you. The Femme Fatale novels are based on some old fan fiction I used to write based on the old MMORPG game for the PC called City of Heroes. These books will use some of the original characters I created in the game, and the backdrop will act as a spiritual influence. 

For instance, where City of Heroes took place in the fictional Paragon City, the Femme Fatale novels will take place in New Chicago. So, yeah, it’ll be different. But if you used to play City of Heroes, then you’ll see the spiritual touchstones of the game all over the Femme Fatale books. Hopefully, you’ll enjoy them.


NEW FEMME FATALES – Click the links below to go and find out more about the NEW Femme Fatales. The characters and the books.
Links to the books that are out now, or planned in the future.
Links to character profiles for the main players in the books.
Links to the Novellas that link into the main book arc.

CLASSIC FEMME FATALES – Based on the MMORPG City of Heroes – Click on these links below to go and see
Links to chapters for the Femme Fatale books**
Links to some of the art commissions I had done of the game characters back in the day

**Note: If you do read them, then PLEASE bear in mind these are old and in unedited shape! They are what they are!

Web Links to friends’ websites and businesses.
Artists I’ve met, including examples of their work.
Plusanything else I can think of to throw at you on a regular (or semi-regular) basis. This is my little corner of the internet!

So, please enjoy the site, and if there’s anything you want to ask…hit me up on the Contact Me page.

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The ‘HUNTERS‘, ‘BLOOD TO EARTH’, and ‘TOOTH & CLAW’ book covers were painted by the hugely talented Marlena Mozgawa. You can also find links to her work on my Artists page. As was all the art for the Femme Fatales books, ‘THE SCORCHED SKY’ and ‘KNIGHTINGALE’. She’s all the artist I ever need!

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