Cover art for Tooth & Claw by Marlena Mozgawa. Coming SOON! March 2024 (tbc)

So, Tooth & Claw is the third book in the saga and kind of closes the first act of the story, so to speak.
We get a bunch of resolutions to some plot threads, but a HUGE reveal at the end which sets up the next two books, Dragonsong and The TechMasters.

How hard would you fight for your friends? Your family? Your freedom?

Would you lay it all on the line? Would you fight tooth and claw?

Deep in her heart she always knew it would come to this.

From the moment Lyssa Balthazaar decided to free New Victus from the tyrannical grip of Sebastian StormHall, she knew it would end in civil war. Yet the coming conflict won’t be contained to just Vampyrii against Vampyrii.

In Pack Nation, Werewolf leader Damian Dane must balance his responsibilities to his people with the oath he swore to protect humanity.

In London, Gayle Knightley and Michael Reynolds are dismissing the cadets at the Human Fae Alliance Academy for the Christmas holidays. Looking forward to a quiet festive season with family, they too are drawn into the conflict.

As the war begins, Lyssa races to get her sleeping father back to the safety of New York City. She is not alone. But even with the help of Damian, her sister, Nykola, and her lover, Allyson Knightley, the clock is ticking and time is running out.

In Nexus City, Carrie Anne Knightley uncovers some astonishing truths while studying with the Ice Giants of NordScania. What is the ‘Song of the Winds’? And who is the mysterious Dragon King?

Secrets are uncovered as new enemies are met and old friends return.

So what are the stats on Songbird book 3 ‘TOOTH & CLAW‘ so far?

Well, it consists of…

  • Due for release March 2024
  • 88 Chapters (including Prologue and Epilogue)
  • Approximately: 584 pages in Paperback, 444 Pages in Hardcover
  • Average chapter length so far: 1,796 words
  • Total written words in book: 157,867 including the pre and post bits!
  • It follows the characters from the first two book, and introduces 1 new important one!
  • It has some HUGE reveals that will set us up for books 4 and 5.