Lyssa Balthazaar by Jon Ford

Race:  Vampyrii

Nationality: American

Parents:  Balthazaar (Father) and Perlania Akhza (Mother)

Siblings:  Vanessa Balthazaar (234)
                  Nykola Balthazaar (192)
                  Mercy balthazaar (178) – Half Sister

Age:  245 (born 17th June 1800)

Height:  5′ 10″

Weight:  115lbs

Known abilities: Vampyrii abilities. Increased strength, stamina. The ‘bite’.


Lyssa was born of a union between her House father Balthazaar and the first daughter of Akhza – Perlania. When Balthazaar went into hibernation, Lyssa took control of House affairs.

The Rising happened on her watch, and she is sure that her father would be very disappointed that she let it happen. She is, therefore, driven to try and correct the world, restoring it to some semblance of what it was before.


  • A reluctant leader, world weary
  • She feels responsible for The Rising
  • Bi-sexual – leans towards women partners
  • Smart political operator
  • Beloved by her House members for her caring nature
  • Home in Albany
  • Loves classic cars and music (circa 2000s)
  • Hate’s Sebastian StormHall with a passion
Lyssa Balthazaar by Veparion

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