Callsign:  ?????

Gayle Knightley as painted by @Sylessae

Race:  Human/Fae Hybrid

Nationality: English. Born in Cambridge

Parents:  Jaymes (Father) and Serlia (Mother) Knightley

Siblings:  Gayle Knightley (28), Carrie Anne Knightley (24)

Age:  27 (born 1st September 2018)

Height:  5′ 9″

Weight:  146lbs

Known abilities: Elemental manipulation (Fire, Air, Water, Earth)


Allyson’s powers developed later than her elder sibling Gayle, manifesting when she was 16 years of age. Due to the same quirk of parentage that benefited Gayle, Allyson can control all four of the elemental powers. However, she lacks the training that her sister had in the military, and as a result her control is somewhat rudimentary at best.

Struggled through a troublesome teens, feeling that she was in her sister’s shadow and lacked bonding experiences with her parents. Went through a ‘goth’ phase when she started dying her naturally blue hair black, which never lasts long. Came out as gay when she was 17.

Rather than follow Gayle into the military, Allyson pursued her own path and joined joined the Federated States of Europa Police, working in London. Swiftly rising through the ranks, thanks to her inherent ability to detect when people are lying to her (gaining her the nickname ‘Uncanny Ally’), she was the youngest detective in the history of the organisation.  

Seeking a new challenge, she applied for and gained the role of FSE Chief of Security in Nexus City in Iceland. IT is a role she has only just taken up, and is still becoming familiar with. 


  • A reluctant leader, but has good organisational skills.
  • Issues with addiction, specifically alcohol.
  • Uncanny ability to detect when people are lying to her.
  • Struggles with being ‘different’.
  • Doesn’t deal with stress well.

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