Jaymes Knightley
FSE Ambassador

Casting: Hugh Laurie

Serlia Knightley
FSE Ambassador

Casting: Perdita Weeks

So, let’s deal with Jaymes and Serlia Knightley

The first thing to know about these two people is that they’re the parents of Gayle, Allyson and Carrie, and they both work as Ambassadors for the FSE (Federated States of Europa) at Nexus City. What makes these guys unique as a couple is that Jaymes is Human, while Serlia is Fae. 

Jaymes is 58 years old, (more on this on a moment!) and Serlia is 274.

Quite the age gap. 

Thanks, Perdita, but honestly it doesn’t matter because these two crazy kids are truly in love with each other. 

So, why did I pick those particular actors to play these parts? Let’s start with Serlia first…

The thing about Serlia, is that while she is 274, she’s also a Fae and has all of the shapeshifter abilities that come with that. She can look as old as she wants, or as young as she wants. She can be blonde or brunette. Tall or short… Her image in the book is maintained because she’s married to Jaymes. For him, she tries to stay ‘age appropriate’. As he is in his mid 50s, she holds a look that places her in her 40s… yet still looks perfect and unblemished (More or less! Any imperfections are totally deliberate.)

Okay, so for the longest time I had the lady to the left in my head as the template for Serlia Knightley. The one and only Kate Beckinsale

She’s undeniably beautiful, a great actress and funny as hell! (Check out her instagram!) 

But lately, I’ve been watching the new Magnum reboot on occasion, and I’ve been drawn in by Perdita Weeks (to your right, in the red dress and with the awesome Union Jack handbag!). And now I have a new contender…

It’s her manner and demeanor as Juliet Higgins in that show that I can just see clearly as how she would be as Ambassador Serlia Knightley. But she also shows a kind of tender range where I can see her as a mother figure. And in the books, Serlia is brunette, and I’ve seen her with that look in Penny Dreadful.

Still… it’s close to a coin toss between the two. Kate or Perdita? Today I’m edging towards the latter, but ask me tomorrow and I might change my mind! (Hang in there Kate!)

So what about Jaymes Knightley? Who do we have for him?

This was another close run thing, with a change of mind literally in the last week (for those of you reading this, and for posterity… it’s Feb 17th 2020!).

Jaymes is a caring father, a great ambassador and a wonderful husband. He’s charming and funny, but can also be a little grumpy. He’s 58 years old, but being married to Serlia keeps him skewing younger. 

So, we were watching Avenue 5, and Hugh Laurie plays the captain of the starship. As we were watching it and laughing, wifey suggested how he would be an excellent Jaymes…and I couldn’t help but agree.

Been a huge fan of Hugh Laurie since his early days on UK TV. Jeeves and Wooster, A little Bit of Fry and Laurie, Blackadder, House… you name it I’ve loved him in it. I think he’d make a fantastic Jaymes Knightley.

No, I haven’t forgotten about you Nathan…

Okay, so prior to about a week ago, I had Nathan in this spot. I thought his charm and handsome good looks would fit the character well… but them’s the breaks!  Hang in there, Nathan, I’ll get you a part in here by hook or by crook! Promise! 

So, that’s what it’s in my head, but what about my beta readers?  What did they suggest for the casting of Serlia?

Rachel Weisz
was Wifey’s choice.
Charlize Theron
was Nikki’s choice.
Monica Belluci
was Chell’s choice.

And, of course, Jaymes?

Hugh Laurie
was Wifey’s choice.
Jeff Goldblum
was Nikki’s choice.
Tom Hanks
was Chell’s choice.