Feeling blue, because you’re not BLUE?

Lost your spark because you can’t CONTROL ELECTRICITY?

Are your dreams grounded because you can’t FLY?

Or are you simply feeling pathetic because you don’t have SUPERSTRENGTH and INVULNERABILITY?

WE at GeneMax know how YOU feel!

Life isn’t fair sometimes, is it?

We know the statistics. The chances that you’ll get superpowers by natural selection are slim to none…

And Slim just left town!

EVEN if you’re living here in New Chicago the odds are stacked against you. 

Here’s some depressing statistics.

You want cold hard facts?

Statisticians know it as the 10/10/100,000 rule. 

One person in ten has an M-Gene potential.
Of those only one person in ten manifests.
And of those only one in one hundred thousand gets superpowers.

In a global population of over 8 BILLION people, only 812 people have been registered as a Super.

That’s a 0.00001% chance!

That SUCKS, right?

Your chances are a little better in New Chicago.

Statisticians are busy researching the odds here, but it does seem like if you were exposed to Kriitani radiation during the Incursion, then you have a good chance of manifesting your M-Gene due to science stuff!

The one in ten rule still applies to you actually having the potential to manifest anything.

So, chances are life still sucks for 90% of you.

Which is where M-GeneMax comes in!

Here at GeneMax Laboratories, we’ve been working hard to even those odds up. Introducing M-GeneMax!


Our scientists have toiled night and day, unlocking the secrets of the M-Gene so now YOU TOO can have superpowers. Our patented formula temporarily unlocks the M-Gene potential in anyone. 


For a *small* fee, you too can have a superpower** for the duration of your choosing and then go back to being a regular normo!  It’s the ultimate alter-ego!  

Disclaimer*: The image used above is a screenshot from Breaking Bad. Jesse Pinkman (Aaron Paul) and Walter White (Bryan Cranston) – Breaking Bad_Season 4 – Photo Credit: Ben Leuner/AMC. None of these are associated with M-GeneMax or the production of the M-GeneMax product. 
Disclaimer**: You cannot choose the superpower you will receive from M-GeneMax. The resulting power will be random based on your genetic template. M-GeneMax bears no responsibility if your superpower is something rubbish or if it turns you into a horrendous mutation.
Disclaimer:  M-GeneMax is not an FDA-approved drug. Thus, M-GeneMax is taken at the user’s own risk.

If you have a latent M-Gene marker, then M-GeneMax will elicit a trigger response to temporarily activate this latent ability. The ability gained is totally dependent on your latent M-Gene marker. If no latent M-Gene marker is discovered, then M-GeneMax will simply prompt a generic strength increase and invulnerability response.

Does that make you feel better about yourself?

Yeah, I bet it does!

Now, all you need to do is pick your poison!
How long do you want superpowers for?

Click on the link below to go to our Sales page!

Product and Price List

M-GeneMax is currently available in FIVE different flavors (to avoid that nasty chemical taste!) and time durations.

$999.99 – Blueberry flavor M-GeneMax-One is the entry-level product and gives the user 1 hour of superpowers. 

$2499.99 – Lime flavor M-GeneMax-Three is for the user who needs a longer taste of the good life. 3 hours of superpowers.

$3999.99 – Banana flavor M-GeneMax-Five. 3 hours not enough? Then how about 5 hours of superpowers?

$9999.99 – Orange flavor M-GeneMax-12. Hero by day? Or vigilante by night? You’ll need 12 hours of power for that! 

$18999.99 – Strawberry flavor M-GeneMax-24 is the premium product and will give you a full 24 hours of guaranteed*** specialness!

Disclaimer***: M-GeneMax doesn’t in any way, shape, or form, guarantee specialness.



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Where what you say can’t be held in evidence against you!