We were introduced to Gale Knightley aka Knightingale, in The Scorched Sky. She was a 17 year old Brit who had come to Chicago with her friend Abi Blakely aka Reflex, to assist in repelling the Kriitani Incursion. 
Book 2 of the Femme Fatales series will be called The Broken Ground, and will time jump 10 years into the future. 

The Knightingale Novella will detail what Gale did during the intervening years.
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Stefan McCloed AKA Coin, was introduced in The Scorched Sky and played a crucial role in the defeat of the Kriitani. 

Coin is NOT one of my own characters. 

He was created by my old friend, Steve Vimes when we used to play City of Heroes together. Steve is a budding author, and he is going to write a novella about the origin of the character, but set in the Universe I created for The Scorched Sky

I’m SUPER EXCITED about this collaboration, and what he’s going to bring to this world we’re now crafting together.

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Note:  This link takes you to Steve Vimes website.