The 137th Hunters were Captain Gayle Knightley’s squad.

They started out as the ‘B’ Team. A band of teenage misfits with powers that were being trained as the back-up team to Alistair’s 136th Terminators.

They quickly made a name for themselves as arguably the better squad of the two. 

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Gayle Knightley callsign Knightingale

Gabriel Oliviera callsign Rio

Amanda Forrestercallsign Zephyr

Chloe Barbiercallsign Misty

Riku Shi callsign Razor

Maggie Brennan callsign Ghost

Merrigan Dupont callsign Monsoon

Jamie Conwaycallsign Bulldog

Sofia Martinez callsign Celeste

Ralf SchneidercallsignScrapper

Jaylen Johnson callsign Tank

Mae Anderson callsign Vapor

Valerio Nazario callsign Bear

Lana Fordham callsign Fordith