That’s me up there…

The one in the cowboy hat.

I’m very pleased to meet you. ?

So you’re probably looking at this page because you want to know a little bit about me. Fair enough, you clicked the link… you pay the price!

I live in the UK, pretty much slap bang in the middle of England in the county of Worcestershire. It’s nice here. I like it. Mainly because it’s quiet here. I like the quiet, it helps me sleep at night! 

I live with my beautiful and supportive wifey, two cats, and a dog that they have a love/hate relationship with. All were rescues. We’re FIRM believers in the ‘Adopt Don’t Shop’ policy for housing animals and they are wonderful pets, the most loving creatures we could ask for.

I wish I could tell you that I’m a full-time author, but I’m not.  THAT is the dream! So, alas, I do have a day job working with a lovely group of people as an Implementation Consultant for an IT Company. I enjoy it and it pays the bills that writing currently does not.

As for what I do OUTSIDE of work? Well, it might be easier to list what I don’t!

Like most writers, I’m an avid reader. I don’t discriminate between hardback, paperback, graphic novel, comic books, Kindle, magazines, or food packets… if it has words then I’ll read it!

I’m a gamer. Video or board, you’ll entice me with pretty much anything. (Except apparently Stardew Valley, much to my Wife and my friends’ dismay!)

I have a HUGE passion for films! Obsession almost. My collection is out of control! I’ll watch pretty much anything, but my preferences tend to lean towards SciFi. My favorite film is Jaws, I love the Marvel movies and pretty much anything with either aliens or monsters. (Werewolves, Vampires, Zombies… and Godzilla!) Oh, and I love the cinema. The cinema is my happy happy place!

I LOVE live theatre (concerts, musicals, comedy, I’m game for anything! Last year we saw everything from Evita and Bloodbrothers to Curtains and 9 to 5!). Recently we saw the live orchestral showing of The Nightmare Before Christmas, with singing by the original cast! It was magical!

And travel. I’m excited to visit new places and go on adventures. I’ve traveled much of Europe over the years and have frequently been to the United States. The above piccy was taken when my Wife and I did Route 66 for our honeymoon! What an adventure that was!  

When I’m not writing, I dabble in art. You’ll see some examples here on this website as I tried to do my own illustrations (to middling success!). I love art, and our house is full of commissions we’ve purchased from artists we love, some of which you’ll see in the links section for Artists.

PLEASE, go check them out, follow and support them! Likewise the Writers I link to as well! Art often doesn’t pay well, and these people are doing things they LOVE in the hopes that one day it’ll pay their bills. Go buy their books and their art and make their dreams come true a little bit. Thanks!

That’s all from me… now go and explore the rest of my website. And if you have any questions, feel free to use the Contact Me form to get my attention!

Love & Books,