C l i c k H e r e T o B u y !

The Knightingale Novella is out on the 1st December 2022

Gale Knightley always wanted to be a doctor.

When her M-Gene powers manifested, granting her amazing abilities. Gifts that allow her to fix bones, cure sickness, and heal wounds. Seven years after arriving in Chicago to fight the Kriitani Incursion, Gale graduates medical school, excited to take the next step in her career as a doctor and hero. But, as she’s about to learn, there’s more to being a physician than fixing physical injury. And there’s more to being a hero than dashing in to save the day.

After losing her first patient, Gale must face her doubts and insecurities. What could she possibly have done differently? How did she fail? Was it her fault?

The questions that plague her lead to a mystery that could prove her guilt or innocence…but could also pose a huge threat to the security of New Chicago.

RELEASE DATE: 1st December 2022


  • Total word count is approx 51,636 words (actual story text is 49,610)
  • 27 Chapters (including Prologue, Epilogue, Mid, and Post credits)
  • Yes! Like your fave MCU movies it ALSO has both MID and POST credit chapters.
  • The Post Credit chapter will set up the next novella…  KASAI
  • Average chapter length: 1,800 words (it’s punchy, easy to pick up!)
  • It is a single-character book. It only follows Gale’s perspective.
  • It’ll be on sale in Paperback and eBook. 
  • The plan for a Hardcover may be to collect a couple of novellas at a time. So Knightingale and Kasai may make the first one!