The Knightingale Novella is currently in progress.

It will detail what Gale Knightley was doing during the time jump between the first two Femme Fatale books. 

Notably, how she got medically qualified and became the Chief Medical Officer for the Femme Fatales supergroup.

It also tells a mystery story and will introduce Gale’s arch-nemesis.



*accurate as of 21 June 2022

As the book is in progress, here are a few stats on where’ we’re at so far.

Well, it consists of…

  • Target word count is approx 45,000 words
  • Roughly 34 Chapters (including Prologue and Epilogue)
  • Like your fave MCU movies it will ALSO has both MID and POST credit chapters.
  • The Post Credit chapter will set up the next novella…  KASAI
  • Current word count stands at: 13,373 words
  • Average chapter length: 1,276 words (it’s punchy, easy to pick up!)
  • Which gives us a total of 89,378 words in the whole book.
  • It is a single character book. It only follows Gale’s perspective.
  • It’ll be on sale in Paperback and eBook. 
  • I’d like a Hardcover, but it may not be big enough to warrant it. We’ll see!
  • Progress graph below: