You can find more information on some of the Artists below – including links to their websites and Twitter accounts – on the following ‘Look here for Artists‘ page. 

Over the years I’ve had a lot of art commissioned or drawn for my City of Hero characters. You’ll see some of it on other pages on this site, but I’m collecting it all here for your viewing pleasure. I’m also crediting the artists so you know who drew or painted them.

Gayle Knightley ‘Knightingale‘ from City of Heroes
The Heroes of Paragon by Diana Garman
Knightingale by Diana Garman
Gayle Knightley
Pyra by Kooma
Anath, Fordith and Ecstatica by Diana Garman
Famke by Diana Garman
Kooma, Mr Infinity and Snow
WIP by Diana Garman
WIP by Diana Garman
Knightingale by @imdrunkontea
Fordith by @imdrunkontea