The Cover of ‘Blood to Earth’, art by Marlena Mozgawa

Blood to Earth‘ is a reference to something that happens in Book 1 (NO SPOILERS!!!)

Where Book 1 introduces the world and the characters, this book starts to explore the the links between them, bringing them together and tying up some of the threads started in ‘Hunters‘.

Here’s the book blurb…

In the aftermath of tragedy, when the past is laid to rest, blood returns to earth…

When catastrophic events in Nexus City tip the scales, skewing the balance of power in New Victus and forcing Lyssa Balthazaar to accelerate her timetable for revolution, she struggles to find allies in her time of need while wrestling with an impossible decision – Follow her heart or her commitment to family.

A vacation in Rio takes a sudden turn for Alexa Reynolds when an unexpected job connects to her recent past and leads her to untangle a mystery. A mystery she follows from Rio, to the Bahamas, and to Venezuela before she discovers a shocking revelation in the Pacific Ocean.

In London, Gayle and Allyson Knightley are coping with both loss and love. While Allyson is driven to find justice for the victims in Nexus, Gayle is faced with a stark reminder of her past. It is a discovery that will drive her to risk it all to uncover the truth of Bloody Valletta.

Book Stats*

*accurate as of 4th November 2021

So what are the stats on Songbird book 2 ‘BLOOD TO EARTH‘ so far?

Well, it consists of…

  • Released on 5th November 2021
  • 92 Chapters (including Prologue and Epilogue)
  • 574 pages in Paperback, 438 Pages in Hardcover
  • Average chapter length so far: 1,681 words
  • Total written words in book: 157,574 including the pre and post bits!
  • It follows the characters from the first book, and introduces 1 new important one!
  • It also opens up a new part of the world, visiting South America and exploring what’s happening down there.

It’s on sale now!

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