After I gave ‘Songbird – Book 1 – Hunters‘ to my wife to read, and she finished it, we ended up having a very interesting conversation about how she envisaged the characters.

Did she picture them in her head upon reading the book, the same way as I had when writing them? So, we played a little game while we were driving in the car one day. A ‘Casting Call’ game to see who we would cast as the main characters if we were turning it into a TV series or film. 

While I’m firmly of the opinion that every reader is happy to project onto the characters the person they see in their head, it was an interesting exercise in how wildly different we saw certain characters. In some cases, it led to me doing rewrites in order to clarify some things.

So, just as a bit of fun… here’s who we chose as our leading ladies and gents for the main characters in the book.

Just click on the Character below to see who I thought should be cast, and who my beta readers considered!

Gayle & Allyson Knightley

Carrie-Anne Knightleycoming soon

Lyssa Balthazaar – coming soon

Mercy balthazaar – coming soon

Michael Reynolds

Zarra Anderson – coming soon

Lana Fordham – coming soon

Damian Dane

Grand Chancellor StormHall – coming soon

Jaymes & Serlia Knightley