Sarah Ardent – ‘Starstorm’ –
– One Week Later – Monday – 12:14 Eastern Time –

Sarah Ardent walked out of another dreary class on ‘How to be a Paragon City Hero’ clutching the level twenty-four certificate in her hands as proof that she had passed the day’s course. She couldn’t help but feel that another four hours of her life had just been wasted.

MI6 had trained her for years to utilize her powers and she was damn good with them. Her technique, control and power level was already easily good enough to be level fifty security cleared. She had demonstrated that time and again to her tutors. However, the City would not grant her that certification without her undergoing the tests and the exams. There was more to it than the control of her powers, there were also the legal ramifications of using those powers. Heroes in Paragon City had to be well versed in the laws and statutes governing the usage of those powers.

While that was fine for normal people, for Sarah Argent it was a study in tedium.

She had always had a head for statistical analysis, it was a skill that had led her to the British Intelligence services in the first place. She had been an information analyst, crunching the data that the real spies brought back. As much as she enjoyed her work, she had always wanted to be a field agent.

Be careful what you wish for, as the saying went.

Her first mission had gone very wrong, and suddenly Sarah Ardent was a prime candidate for what the boffins from MI6 called ‘Project:Starstorm’.

The project was a double-edged sword. On one hand, it had been the catalyst for her walking away from MI6 and her home country. Conversely, it had given her amazing powers far beyond those that regular people had.

Like her photographic memory.

Hence, these classes were a breeze. She had already memorized the entire set of Paragon City laws and statutes as they pertained to superheroes and she aced every test with a one hundred percent pass rate. This was all simply an exercise in going through the motions until she could get that certificate.

 At least the practical classes were more interesting. She had to admit that she had learnt a few things in those. Ways to control her powers that she hadn’t explored before. 

 She walked through the polished marble grandeur of the entry hall heading for the exit lost in her thoughts and was about to reach for the door when it was opened from the other side. In surprise, she looked through the glass to see a huge grinning face staring back at her.  

“Well, fancy meeting you here!” said Rogue as he yanked the door open for her. “Sarah, right?”

She stared up at his handsome face and found herself lost for words.

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