Stefan McCleod is a hero in New Chicago, but is not currently affiliated with any operating SuperGroup, though he has good relations and ties to many of the prominent ones, including the Femme Fatales.

He operates under the codename: COIN

Born in the UK, Stefan was in the US when the Kriitani incursion began. He was one of the first heroes on the scene in Chicago, and his abilities were instrumental in allowing the victory of the heroes in the final hours of the battle.

His original powerset (pre M-Gene mutation) gave him the ability to generate large amounts of bio-energy internally. Unlike other energy based blasters (such as Rogue) Coin does not project the energy he creates, rather his gift is energy transference. He can transfer energy to any object, creating an explosive projectile. His typical weapon of choice is coins – small, easy to carry, and their metallic form is easily charged with energy. Note: the material of the object charged effects both the speed of charge and the power of the explosion. The more conductive the material, the more efficiently Coin’s powers work.

His M-Gene mutation exponentially increased his energy generation ability, turning Coin into a living dynamo. It also allows Coin to modulate his power output as a physical wave form. He can use this as a concussive wave of force (a controlled Area of Effect attack) release it in sort bursts to allow increased jumping and athletic ability (such as increased speed and reflexes for a short time). Used on conjunction with his athleticism, and his martial arts and parkour training, makes him a capable up close fighter.

By modulating the concussive output directionally, it can also allow brief periods of flight.

Coin if a self-confessed ‘glass cannon’. While he is powerset does enhance his close combat ability, it provides next to nothing in terms of defense. Physically he is as vulnerable as any normal human. He compensates somewhat for this with his athletism and unarmed combat skill level, plus his ability to quickly charge any object to make it explosive (e.g. anything the enemy is wearing or carrying can be potentially turned against them with a touch). While Coin’s ability to generate energy was increased via his M-Gene mutation, it is not an inexhaustible supply. Larger explosive charges deplete his energy reserves faster, hence his usual reliance on charging relatively small objects such as coins.