Abi Blakely arrived in Chicago during the Kriitani Incursion, and fought as part of a ground based team defending the Navy Pier.

Prior to her secondary M-Gene mutation, Abi had the mutant gifts of super-reflexes and a low level invulnerability to injury. Training in various forms of martial arts had made Abi a competent low-level hero, able to hold her own in most meta-human skirmishes. However, her secondary mutation pushed these abilities into overdrive, granting her with superspeed and increased invulnerability.

Her martial arts experience (including the use of edged weapons) coupled with blurring super-speed makes her a lethal, almost undefeatable, hand-to-hand combat specialist able to pummel an opponent within a split second, usually before they can react.

Against opponents who are similarly powered (i.e. super-speedsters) Abi must rely on her invulnerability and combat skills to see her through. Her speed also burns energy levels at a prodigious rate, thus she tires quickly.

Initially she was a founding member of the Femme Fatales, but left after a few years to take a leadership role in a new SupeGroup called ‘The Echelon’. A group she maintains a membership role in to this day.

Outside of her hero role, Abi works as an archeologist.