Callsign:  Knightingale

Gayle Knightley as painted by Zeiyth

Race:  Human/Fae Hybrid

Nationality: English. Born in Cambridge

Parents:  Jaymes (Father) and Serlia (Mother) Knightley

Siblings:  Allyson Knightley (27), Carrie Anne Knightley (24)

Age:  28 (born 25th September 2017)

Height:  5′ 9″

Weight:  144 lbs.

Known abilities: Elemental manipulation (Fire, Air, Water, Earth)


Gayle’s powers developed when she was 13 years of age, and that plus her naturally pink hair made her an outcast at school. She joined the Human Fae Academy at 16.

Due the quirk of her parentage, she is one of only a handful of Hybrids who can control all four of the elemental powers. Fire is by far her strongest ability, driven through the emotion of anger.

Quickly promoted to Captain, she rose to prominence as the leader of the 137th Hunters, prior to their deaths on a mission to Malta. 

She now teaches at the Human Fae Academy at Buckingham Palace in London, Federated States of Europe.


  • A natural leader, but with an attitude abrasive to her direct superiors.
  • Issues with addiction.
  • Extremely adaptable to fluid situations.
  • Charismatic (when she needs to be).
  • Has a natural propensity for getting her own way.
  • Injured in the line of duty. Extensive injury to right knee.
  • Currently in psychiatric protocol for PTSD.
Gayle Knightley as painted by Sylessae

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