Samantha ‘Samii’ Jayne is one of the founding members of the Femme Fatales SuperGroup, which was formed in the aftermath of the Kriitani incursion on (old) Chicago in 2021.

She is currently listed as senior member of the organisation, and has the codename: KASAI.

Born in the UK, Samii was establishing a career as a voice artist, predominantly in the video-game industry. Alongside her duties as a hero within the city, Samii also now acts a mentor to the new students at the Femme Sorority (the educational wing of the SuperGroup). She also works as a model and has numerous contracts with well known sports, fashion, jewelry and perfume brands due to her high-profile image in New Chicago post her role in the defeat of the Kriitani.

Her original powerset (pre M-Gene mutation) was the ability to generate flames and high temperatures, projecting these from her hands as short-range fire blasts or heat rays. These powers were increased exponentially due to the M-Gene mutation, allowing her to generate higher temperatures and project her ranged attacks further. This also manifests itself under extreme circumstances as an AoE (Area of Effect) attack, generating severe heat and fire damage within a significant blast radius. She also has the ability to fly but keeping herself aloft on superheated air.

Her powers make her an extraordinarily powerful opponent from range, and her heat provides a modicum of close range protection as it’s difficult to approach her when she is generating high temperatures. However, this also makes her a danger to any teammates in close proximity, hence Kasai needs to be extremely careful when fighting as part of a team. Her abilities also burn calories at a prodigious rate, limiting her endurance during protracted battles.