Gale Knightley is one of the founding members of the Femme Fatales SuperGroup, which was formed in the aftermath of the Kriitani incursion on (old) Chicago in 2021.

She is currently listed as senior member of the organisation, and has the codename: KNIGHTINGALE.

Born in the UK, Gale was about to start studying medicine at Cambridge University before deciding to accompany Britannica’s British contingent of heroes flying to the Chicago to help repel the incursion at the age of 17. She was one of the youngest heroes in the city, and was instrumental to resolving the crisis. She now acts as a mentor to the students at the Femme Sorority, and a part time teacher. As a qualified Doctor of general medicine, she also works at the New Chicago Central Hospital. However she aslo specialise in genetic research and treatment, especially in matters of the M-Gene.

Her studies were aided by the gift of a photographic memory, and a naturally high IQ. Her original powersets (pre M-Gene mutation) included the ability to heal low level wounds, and some low level telepathy. Her M-Gene mutation pushed both powers to higher levels. She can heal high level wounds, and, by using her powers in concert, can detect and tether life forces allowing her to bring back patients from near death. Note: She cannot revive the dead, this is not a true resurrection ability. Her telepathy also developed into a mid-level telekinesis, which also allows her to fly, albeit at low speeds.

Her healing powers have the ability to restore energy and endurance to an ally, an ability she can also use on herself. This gives her an almost unlimited source of energy, and makes her effectively a battery to any team she is a part of. This combined with her healing abilities makes any team she is fighting with formidable in combat.

Knightingale is an empath, and as such is averse to putting people in harms way, even foes. While she does have her telepathic powers which are capable of giving her opponents debilitating headaches and pain, she rarely uses these abilities, often searching for any possible alternative to inflicting pain on another human. Hence in conflict, she is far more suitable to a support role.