Alex Anderson is a hero in New Chicago, currently affiliated with The Echelon SuperGroup, though he has very close ties to the Femme Fatales.

He operates under the codename: ROGUE

Born in 1994 in Texas, US, Alex went to college on a basketball scholarship before being drafted into the NBA by the Chicago Bulls at age 19. His M-Gene manifested later than most other heroes and came during a game in 2015 against the Los Angeles Lakers in Los Angeles. It was witnessed by the entire crowd at the Staples Center and also broadcast nationally via the TV footage of the game.

Despite having the unequivocal support of many of the players around the league the scenaro caused something of a controversy in the NBA. Accusations that his mutation gave him an unfair advantage by enhancing his play unfairly. He was cleared of these accusations when medical tests proved that his inherent abilities to generate and project energy bursts had no bearing on his build, height, strength, and athleticism. He was allowed to compete.

The Chicago Bulls had stood steadfastly by him throughout the controversy. Chicago, at the time, was one of the few cities in the US to have a ‘home-grown’ superhero in Silver Sentinel, and hence the citizens were more inclined to embrace another high-profile Meta-Human. Rogue rewarded their loyalty when he helped the team secure the 2019 NBA Championship. 

Alex was in the city when the Kriitani Incursion started on 2nd August 2021, and played a pivotal role in repelling their attack.

His original poweset (pre M-Gene mutation) gave him the ability to generate large amounts of bio-energy internally and release them in controlled blasts through his fists. 

His M-Gene mutation exponentially increased his power generation and storage capability, essentially turning him into a huge bio-energy capacitor. He can release this energy as blasts from his fists (as before) but also from his eyes and feet. The former is a far lower power level, but is deadly accurate as he shoots whatever he is looking directly at. The latter can be modulated as energy waves which, in conjunction with similar energy output from his hands as a stablity aid, can be used to generate thrust for flight capability. The more energy he has, the faster he can go.

Alex also has the capability to store up vast amounts of bio-energy and then release it bodily in one huge radiating wave. He calls this his ‘Energy Nova’. While it is hugely destructive, it also temporarily drains him of energy leaving him pratically powerless until he can replenish the reserves. His role in combat, and his flight endurance are directly related to energy expediture. The faster he goes, or the harder he pushes, the more quickly his energy reserves deplete.

Like most Blasters, Rogue is vulnerable to attack and has little in the way of defense other than his elite athletic talents.

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