Elena Torres is one of the founding members of the Femme Fatales SuperGroup, which was formed in the aftermath of the Kriitani incursion on (old) Chicago in 2021.

She is currently listed as the CEO and leader of the organisation, and has the codename: SHIELD MAIDEN.

Formerly a teacher in New York, she now teaches the students at the Femme Sorority (the educational wing of the SuperGroup).

Her original powerset (pre M-Gene mutation) was the ability to generate impenetrable spherical forcefields of varied dimensions, around herself or an object (or other hero). These could be used to protect or contain. These powers were increased due to the M-Gene mutation, allowing her to both project multiple forcefields, manipulate their harmonic wavelength, and to alter their shape. She refers to this ability as ‘force-tentacles’.

By using these new abilities, Shield Maiden is able to levitate and ‘fly’ over short distances.

In a support and defensive capacity, Shield Maiden is extremely powerful, though her shields are maintained through her own willpower and concentration. Anything hitting her forcefields registers a sensation to Elena herself, thus she can only maintain the shield fully if undistracted. Repeated hits also drain her endurance, shortening the period for which she can maintain the shields integrity.