The Femme Fatales were the predominant Super Group featured in the books, But there are also some other characters that will crop up in the story from time to time. I’ll detail them here below.

The stories posted on this website will teach you more about these characters. Till then this page will be ‘Under Construction.

Note 1: I am aware that this page is probably going to be more of a nostalgia trip for a certain set of my friends.

Note 2: This page will be an ongoing WIP with updates semi-regularly. The links below will be in PINK boxes when they are live.

Gale Knightley callsign Knightingale

Sarah Ardent callsign Starstorm

Alexa Darkcallsign Lady Darkforce

Elizabeth Aidencallsign Proximity

Eleanor de Montfort callsign Ecstatica

Famke Tillman callsign Famke

Anath callsign Anath

Elektra Rainscallsign Elektra

Other SuperGroups

Michael Reynolds callsign Rogue


Special K


Buck Rivers callsign Envoy


Charlotte Byrd callsign Charcoal Feather