It’s HERE. It’s finally HERE!
The Ballad of the Songbird Book 1 – HUNTERS is NOW available to order in eBook and Paperback form from Amazon. US and UK links just below…

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To celebrate this most momentous of occasions, I’m holding an EPIC giveaway.  Prizes are to be won!

What prizes, I hear you ask?

Well let me tell thee!

  • A signed copy of a very special ‘ Black Edition‘ of HUNTERS.
  • A HUNTERS bookmark, so that you can keep your page in your special book!
  • A HUNTERS pint glass.
  • A HUNTERS tote bag, for you to carry all the above items in as you wander around your abode.

So how do you enter?  You click right here…

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Use your Facebook login, or your email address to enter the raffle, and then do as many of the options as you like. The more you do, the more chances you have of winning! Simples!

Here’s a little more about the prizes!!!

‘HUNTERS’ – The Black Edition

Those of you who’ve followed me for a while and browsed my content here, may know that the seven books in the saga will follow a rainbow theme for their covers. Hunters is a red cover.  Book 2 – Blood to Earth – will be orange. And so on.
But, for the special giveaways – such as this one – I’ve created a special ‘Black Edition’ of the book.

It’s a Hardback version, and while the dustjacket will be the same (with a couple of minor tweaks) as the standard book, underneath it will be very different. It has white pages – rather than the standard cream – and the hardcase has a monochrome cover…

This edition of the book will also contain a special EXTRA chapter, which won’t be in the normal print edition of the book!  BONUS!!!!

This special chapter was written as a quick short story for my appearance (coming soon!) on the PodcastThe Tiny Bookcase‘. I wrote a short extra chapter that slotted in just between Chapters 58 and 59. I called it ‘My Collection‘.
While I will put this chapter up on the website for everyone to read for FREE (so don’t worry, nobody misses out on it!) it will ONLY be available in print form in the BLACK EDITION.

The HUNTERS Bag and Pint Glass

You’ll also get two other VERY SPECIAL prizes!  There’s a LIMITED EDITION PINT GLASS, of which there are only a handful made. Treasure it, because this one is breakable! You can put it on a shelf. Or put your pens and pencils in it.  Or maybe use it to make a nice big ice-cream sundae.

Or – of course – you could just drink from it. Hey, who am I to tell you what to do with your prize!

There’s an awesome bag for you to carry the book and glass around in.  Y’know, for when you want to take the prizes over to your friends house and show them off!