The first book is out!!!

THE SCORCHED SKY was released on March 17th, and is the first book in the my Femme Fatales series. The books are inspired by my time playing the MMORPG ‘City of Heroes‘.

Book 1 is very much a prequel story, laying the foundation for the future of the series and telling the tale of how all our main characters meet and form the basis for the stories moving forwards. 

The book is available from AMAZON by clicking the piccy below:

Want to know more?

Here’s some links that will explain the backstory to the project:

BlogPost 1 – FEMME FATALES – Part 1 – How it started.

BlogPost 2 – FEMME FATALES – Part 2 – Location, Location.

BlogPost 3 – FEMME FATALES – Part 3 – Heroes Assemble.

And click on the banner below to meet the members (and friends) of the Femme Fatales.

And that isn’t all!  There’s plenty more on the way, including the 2nd book in the main series and also a series of single character focus novellas. The first three featuring:

The standalone ‘Knightingale‘ novella, by Jon FordComing Soon!
The standalone ‘Coin‘ novella, by Steve VimesComing Soon!
The standalone ‘Kasai‘ novella, by Jon FordComing Soon!