It’s December the 24thChristmas Eve to the uninitiated – and I’m getting ready for bed and a Christmas Day filled with gifts, friends, laughter, games and more food than I can possibly fit in my MAHOOSIVE belly… though I’ll try!

After that, it’s a mere hop, skip and a jump to New Year.

2020 promises to be an important year for me. I’ve spent over 3 years writing my manuscript for book 1 and trying my best to hone it into some form of readable shape that may (hopefully) entice an agent and later a publisher. That work begins in earnest in 2020

I want to find an agent who loves and supports my work. Leading to me getting published. THAT is the aim.

Some of you have been following my journey over on Facebook. That’s where I started blogging about my progress on a semi-irregular basis. But now I have a website (thanks to Wifey!) and I can do so much more here.

I’m SUPER grateful for those that have been following me both there and more recently on Twitter. I’m also HUGELY grateful for those that have supported me, offered help, guidance and their eyes as proof readers, or beta readers. 

So… this is for you.

I’m going to put up a snippet of Songbird Book 1 – ‘Hunters’ for your reading pleasure (hopefully!).

I’m going to give you:

  • Prologue
  • Chapter 1
  • Chapter 2

It’ll give you a taste of my style, my characters and my world. I (nervously) hope you like it. If you do…please come back and comment!


It’ll only be up till the New Year and then I’ll take it down again. Limited period only. 

Merry Christmas…and I hope ALL OF YOU have an amazing 2020 that gives you all that you hope and desire!

Love & Books,

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  1. Mason

    Consider me the nephew who comes from out of town and every few years or so, turns up late. Thank you for keeping the gift under the tree for me Uncle Jon. I unwrapped it and read a few paragraphs. Looks good to me and reads easy. You do have a talent there and I wish you success with it.

  2. Jon Ford

    LOL Thanks Mason, and that was BEFORE I got competent at writing too!
    (At least that’s what I tell myself to boost my own ego!)
    More to come soon!

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