Okay, since I hadn’t got anything in mind for my first post and I wanted to try this out… I’m re-posting something I previously put in Facebook. It’s still relevant though…

Right, book update first.

It. Is. Done.
The edit is complete. Bar a bit of tinkering, I think this is as far as I go with my own skill.

I finished the last chapter edit yesterday and am pretty happy with it. My plan now is to take a step back from it for a week or two and move onto book 2 in earnest. I want to keep the ball rolling on the writing now, and honestly I need a break from book 1.

I’ll send it out to Wifey (though she may want a printed copy!), Sarah and Chell to take another pass through and see if they spot any issues that need fixing. Then I’ll also come back to it myself after I’ve purged my brain a bit, and take a read through again.

In the meantime, along with writing book 2, I’m also going look at what I need for agent querying, and finish sorting the website out.

Which brings me back to the artwork I was talking about in my last post. All that stuff was old bits from 30 years ago. But now that I have a little graphics tablet I can dabble digitally! ? I took my first stab at it this past weekend. You can see it to the right. It’s not bad for a first effort.

It goes with the first chapter of the book, of which you can also see a sneak peek!!! ? Just so you can put it in context!

The chapter introduces an angry Gayle Knightley as she makes her way through a rainy London…

Right, that’s all for now!

See ya soon!

Love & Books

A sneaky snippet of Chapter 1

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  1. Robert

    Something tells me the day can. Get a little worse that is. Thank you for posting that. It is well written. What genre is that in? A suspense/thriller?

    Just so you know, as I was reading it I first thought she worked in the sex trade, then I saw the words “admiral” and ” service” and had to re-think that. LOL

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