Christmas is a coming, and last minute shopping is something that I know EVERYONE is doing. 
Admit it. You KNOW you are. Don’t deny it!
Handy Hint: One thing you can do to help yourself, is to jump on Amazon and buy a book or two…or twelve. Take advantage of the Prime Membership!
Look…even Santa recommends it.

Seriously, I’m an INDIE AUTHOR, and at this time of year we LOVE to see our books in everyone’s Christmas stockings. You, of course, could go and buy the latest Stephen King or James Patterson, but honestly they wouldn’t even notice your tiny addition to the millions of sales, and their millions in the bank. 

Indie Authors, on the other hand… We notice every single sale. And it brings us joy.
So… give the gift of JOY this Christmas. 
And treat your friends to a book from any of these Indie author series listed below, which are ALL worth your while.

Well, of course I’m gonna put my own book series in here.
Who doesn’t want a little exciting Urban Fantasy in their lives with kickass female leads?

Teeny cheat here… The 2nd book in NT Anderson’s erotic-romance series is out in Jan ’22 *fingers-crossed* But it’s a MUST-BUY if you want a little spice in your reading!

Anna Mocikat has a number of series you can buy. Her ‘Dark City’ series, and her latest ‘Cyber Squad’. But, for my money, Cyberpunk saga ‘Behind Blue Eyes’ is her opus magnum.

Halo Scot’s ‘Rift Cycle’ is one of the most amazingly beautiful series I’ve ever read. It’s the epitome of Grimdark Fantasy. Dark being the operative word! Be warned… It’s NOT for the faint hearted.

I heartily recommend ‘The Coming of Aed’ saga by EG Radcliff is a truly wonderful fantasy saga. The characters shine, and her world is full of heartwarming wonder and affecting tragedy.

Emmy’s ‘Storm Bloodline Saga’ is a superb Fantasy tale which unravels like a mystery. Much of the fun here is trying to navigate the twists and turns of the story and figure out where it’s heading.

Dzintra is another prolific author with a bunch of series, but my fave is the ‘Days of Death’ series. A whimsical and hilarious look at the retirement of the Grim Reaper.

The ‘Lightside’ books from Eaton Krone are hilarious. The first is SciFi comedy, ‘A Life Spectacular’. If you know someone who loves Douglas Adams, then this is the PERFECT gift!

Kia has a wide range of books in her catalogue. I’m really partial to her ‘Token Huntress’ series as it hits all my buttons. Vampires and kick-ass heroines… what’s not to love!

While the picture above is of ‘Witch vs Witch’, – a paranormal romance story – this is only one book in AC Merkel’s awesome ‘Lady Dreamscape’ series. I urge you go explore it!

Kayla Hicks ‘Backup Superhero’ series are novellas set in a unique and fun superhero universe. I LOVED them. But they aren’t the only ones she’s published. Please, Check her books out!

I love, love, love, Ross Young’s ‘Gloomwood’ books. Hilarious detective story mysteries set in the afterlife. And the most recent is Xmassy themed. Perfect Xmas gift idea!

I have FAR too many Indie Author friends. Many more than I can fit on this page.
So, I urge you to also hit this link and hop on over to my TO BE READ page and check out more of the Indie Authors listed there. 



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  1. HollyB.

    I already own your e-book (of course), but I’m happy to get one for a friend or two. I suppose it’s like supporting a small business, and I’m all about that. I appreciate that you’ve kept your book reasonably priced, especially for such a long novel. I think I know just who to give them to.

  2. Charmin

    Oh great! What a fantastic idea! I love shopping local, small business Saturday is my favorite day to shop. I love how you put this, so simple… help the little guy out. I’ll be honest in saying that I have not heard of these authors but I certainly am going to look each one up.

    • Scribble Me This

      Emmy Bennett’s stories are some of my favorites. They have the right amount of tension and excitement. Of course, Jon’s book is excellent too. Now I’m just impatiently waiting for the second release. I gotta see what happens with Lyssa Balthazaar. Love her!

  3. Rickiev

    Jon I love the way you support other people! It is a great service to them. I hope that they do the same for you.
    I love shopping local so I think it is a great idea.

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