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I am the aforementioned Wifey from previous posts.

Jon has ‘subtly’ hinted a few times about writing a blogpost for his website and I have always refused because I had nothing to write about, especially about anything that was relevant. However, today a thought popped into my head; watching the life of a writer from the outside.

As long as I have known him Jon has been a storyteller (just get him started on a topic and watch him go!) but when I first met him Jon was nowhere the writer he is today. In fact, he barely wrote, he had written some fan fiction for the game we met in but that was before I had met him.

It took Jon a few years to realise what he wanted in life and what he wanted to be but one day he came to me and said ‘I have started writing this book…

So, what is it like to live with a writer who has a full time job as well?

Honestly, kind of lonely.

Jon will work his 40 hour week and then spend the nights working on his laptop to the left of me whilst I cross stitch and watch TV. I can’t watch any series that we are watching together because he can’t pay attention to both things so you end up watching junk TV or movies. You are sat in the same room but ignoring each other and not really talking because you don’t want to break their concentration.

Awww. 🙁

I’m sorry, Wifey. I didn’t realise that you were so lonely. That makes me sad. I shall endeavour to make it up to you! xxx

Would I change any of it?

Absolutely not!

I have seen the change in Jon since he realised his dream, and how happy it makes him. What’s a little boredom when his life purpose is on the line?

Well, at least you’ve now got ‘Animal Crossing: New Horizons‘ to keep you occupied! 🙂

Last year, we used a week of our holiday and went to a cottage in the welsh countryside with our pooch for me to finally have my first read through of the Hunters book. I wanted to wait so that I could read it all at once and not have it all outdated or read a story with different chapters missing. I got the book printed out and it was the first time Jon had seen the book in print.

This was one of my favourite holibobs of recent times. It was soooooo relaxing, and it was the first time that I’d let Wifey read through the first draft of the manuscript. Which was a bit nervewracking!
Can’t wait to go back again! 😀

I really enjoyed our time at the cottage, we just chilled out and listened to music as we discussed all the parts of the book that I had queries about or whether he could do anything different with storylines. We listened to the Country Hits radio the whole week and whenever I listen to it now it makes me think of that week.

There have been MANY conversations over the years between us about these books and how he wants the stories to go and the characters to grow. We even had a conversation once about how to get him out of his writer’s block whilst walking the dog in a forest. Inspiration is everywhere but sometimes the OH just wants you to pose the questions they may not have thought of. More often than not they want a little bit of advice but always someone to listen so that they can work it out themselves outside of their heads.

So, what was my original point?

Oh yes, if your significant other wants to be a writer then be prepared to be a sounding board, a muse, a listener (damn querying process), patient and learn how to entertain yourself. Because what they are doing will not only benefit them but you as well hopefully and there is nothing like watching your husband making himself happy in life.

I am one proud Wifey, and happy to say it!

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  1. Simon

    Thank you for writing this post. I am a book reviewer, so I spend many hours reading and writing. I hadn’t stopped to think about how my wife might feel in all the hours I’m ignoring her even though we’re in the same room. I appreciate your perspective. Like you, my wife is supportive of my dreams. I think I should do something special to show her how much I appreciate all her patience and support!

    • Jess

      Thanks ☺️ Like I said I’m happy to be ignored if it means Jon realises his dream. It’s not 24/7 but you do find yourself having a lot of conversations with yourself!

      And in return he gives me lots of love and hugs and let’s me buy my Nintendo switch ?

  2. RaeY

    I love this post! It’s great to see the “wifey” side of this whole process. I think it is good for Jon to see it too. Sometimes we are most honest and forthcoming with writing how we feel versus saying it. It’s also great that you support his dream! Thanks for sharing!

    • Jon Ford

      Wifey has been amazing about supporting my passion for writing. Couldn’t have done all this without her!
      (Sidenote: It was her that put together the bare bones of this website for me to start tinkering with. Thanks Wifey! xxx)

    • Jess

      Nothing is more important to me than making sure that Jon is happy, with me, with himself, with his life.

      I have spoken to him in the past about the TV side of it but I don’t think he had realised the lonely side of it.

      However I know he loves me and it’s vice versa so I am happy to do it whilst he enters this exciting part of his life!

  3. KTReed

    Jon talks about you a lot, so it’s nice to finally “meet” you. It’s fantastic that you’re so supportive. Not all partners are like that. Do you blog as well?

    • Jon Ford

      I’m surrounded by SUPER supportive friends who’ve helped me on my journey. I’m REALLY lucky that way.
      Wifey has been with me right from the start and had encouraged me at every single step along the way. I’m a VERY lucky man! 😀

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